What is a Kamupak box?

Kamupak must return the deposit box, the circulation of which works through the deposit service. Kamupak is a more ecological alternative to disposable packaging.


How does Kamupak's pledge service work?

When you buy a Kamupak box for the first time, you pay a € 3 deposit, which is the only payment for the perpetual use of the deposit box. When you return the box to our return point, you will receive an electronic or paper receipt in return, which you can use next time to redeem a new Kamupak box for free.

You can also get a deposit back in cash if you wish.


Why is there a deposit here?

We want a pledge to encourage you to return the container to our return point so that the next user can use it. We also want to encourage you to use the receipt to redeem a new container, so you can always receive a receipt for a new clean Kamupak for free.


Is the Kamupak box really an ecological alternative to disposable biodegradable or cardboard containers?

When comparing a single-use package with a durable package, the effect of a single use is essential. The manufacture of durable packaging consumes more raw materials and energy compared to disposable packaging, but even after some cycles, emissions per use are lower compared to disposable packaging. The longer the container lasts in use, the more environmentally friendly the option.


How long does a Kamupak box last in a cycle?

It is estimated that the boxes will withstand at least 100 cycles, but this figure will be refined with practical experience.


What happens to the Kamupak box when it is used up?

Box lids and containers are slightly different types of polypropylene plastics, but it is essential that the quality of the materials is known so that they can be returned as pure materials to the manufacturer for new products and thus help reduce end-of-life virgin raw materials. This is of great importance for the life cycle impact of the Kamupak box, as the carbon footprint of recycled polypropylene is even more than 70% smaller compared to virgin raw materials.


Why is the Kamupak box made of plastic?

Plastic is a durable, easy-to-modify, inexpensive, reusable, recyclable and excellent material in all respects when used responsibly throughout the life cycle.


Is the Kamupak box made of recycled plastic?

No, because food hygiene regulations do not allow reusable plastic to be used in food at the moment.


Is the Kamupak box hygienic?

Yes, we make sure that the dishes that go through our process are washed and sanitized so that they comply with hygiene regulations, and we remove any containers that may pose a hygiene risk. We also perform hygiene testing during washing to ensure hygiene.


Can the Kamupak box be returned dirty?

Maybe, we leave this to your discretion. We recommend rinsing the container before returning, but wash it anyway.


How much water does it take to wash the box?

Dishwashing consumes about 0.03 to 0.2 l / water of water, depending on the cleanliness of the package when it arrives at the laundry. However, with regard to average water consumption, at this stage of the activity there is not yet enough information available to determine the exact value.


Do chemicals come out of the box?

The container is food approved, in which case no more chemicals may be removed from it. The containers used do not contain BPA compounds.


Why does the Kamupak box resemble the Orthex lunch box?

Our packaging partner is the Orthex Group, which has supplied us with excellent lunch boxes made available on the market, which are functional and tested in use. For future needs, we are exploring a variety of packaging options, as well as the ability to design and manufacture identifiable Kamupak boxes to suit your needs.


What is Kamupak's business?

Kamupak bases its operations on volume-based service fees received from partners for running the pawnshop service.





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